Master of Science Electrical Energy Systems

This education program focuses on areas of Electrical Energy Systems dedicated to several industrial applications.

They are related to energy production, its storage, conversion, transportation and consumption. The high level lectures and projects concern Power Electronics, Electrodynamic and Mechatronics, New Technologies of Energy, Energy System Control.

Aims of the program

This ambitious program offers an attractive societally asked expertise to design new power electronic systems and modern, innovative structures of electromechanical converters. It develops sustainable strategies of energy management for electrical systems with multi-sources and multi-loads. The novel concepts of control and diagnostic methodologies are proposed for smart actuators, smart grids and smart standalone systems.

This Master is teach by INP – ENSEEIHT

Program content

MSc EES-M1 level offers an adaptation semester, followed by a learning to strengthen the background in electrical engineering fields:

  • Electrical Machines, Structures and Modelling
  • Design of Power Converters
  • Automatics, Real time control, Signal Processing and Optimization
  • Simulations and experimental verification
  • Human and Social Skills

MSc EES-M2 level includes innovative courses and advanced-level short projects around energy conversion.

Third semester (M2)

  • Design and Control of Static Converters
  • Design and Control of Actuators
  • Mechatronics, Design by System Optimization
  • Stationary and Embedded Systems, Power Grids and Smart Grids
  • Actuators and Generators
  • Systemic Design and Eco-design
  • Hybrid Systems, Smart Grids and Electrochemical Storage
  • Renewable Energies

Fourth semester (M2)

  • Long Project (6 weeks)
  • Diploma Internship (6 months in R&D industrial centers or in a public research laboratory

Research Institutions & Industrial Partners

All teachers are researchers of the laboratories affiliated to French National Scientific Research Center (CNRS): Plasma and Energy Conversion Laboratory (LAPLACE), Chemical Engineering Laboratory (LGC) and Laboratory for Analysis and Architecture of Systems (LAAS).

A significant percentage of the lectures and industrial projects are managed or given by Industrial R&D partners such as: Airbus, Thales Alenia Space, Actia, Continental, EDF, GDF, SUEZ, CEA, ADEME, Liebherr Aerospace, Airbus Space & Defense, SNCF.

Job opportunities

  • Academic Researches: 30% of graduate students continue with a PhD
  • Industrial Researches & Development in:
    • Companies of Energy Production and Transfer and also Transport Companies;
    • Manufacturers of Power Equipment: power generators, storage elements, power converters, propulsion actuators;
    • Industry related to transport: aeronautic, space, vehicular, railway, ships.






June 30th 2018



100% Eng. in M1 and 20% Eng. in M2 (lectures in French, documents in English)



is a member of the N+i network
and Campus France


9000/ year
  • (reduction down to 5473 €/year for academic partners, european and selected students)

How to candidate?

Direct application by e-mail
Download the application form (pdf) and send it by email to:
with all the required documents until the June 30th.