MSc Electronics systems for embedded and Communicating Applications (ESECA)

This master joint program between Toulouse INP-ENSEEIHT and INSA Toulouse is a gateway to jobs or doctoral research in electronics for embedded systems. It is aimed at students with a Bachelor degree in electronics, electrical engineering, telecommunications, computer science, robotics, physics or equivalent.

Major themes: Aeronautics and Space • Autonomous / connected vehicle • Transport • Robotics • Mechatronics • Embedded systems • Renewable energies • Smart grids • Smart     city • Mobility • Connected objects • Electric networks • Health monitoring • IoT

Aims of the program

  • Enroll top-level international students in the field of electronics.
  • Provide the most up-to-date teaching in electronics for embedded systems, in tight relations to the aeronautics industry as well as prime level research institutions.
  • Graduate students that will take part in the research activities as PhD or R&D engineers and will have an opportunity to build an international carreer.

This Master is teach by Toulouse INP-ENSEEIHT and INSA Toulouse



2, rue C. Camichel BP7122 – 31071 Toulouse Cedex7 – FRANCE



2 years




Program content

Semester 1 (M1): integration semester

Basics of Electronics, Electromagnetism, Maths (in collaboration with ENAC Toulouse), Signal and Digital Communications

Semester 2 (M1): Core semester

Advanced Electronics, RF electronics, Optics, Telecommunication systems

Semester 3 (M2): Specialization semester

Advanced telecommunication techniques (Network & telecommunication protocols, Digital filter banks, Spread spectrum techniques, Digital communications receivers and SDR technology, Modern coding).
Space techniques & Applications (satellite communications systems & markets, regulation & space law, communications satellites, satellite payloads, earth stations and terminals, introduction to satellite navigation systems, optical satellite communications, satellite based computer networks, mobile & multimedia satellite communications, integration of satellite in 5G, applications of Satcom)

Semester 4 (M2):  Internship

5 to 6 month final internship, which will be paid

Research Institutions & Industrial Partners

The lecturers are from the « Aerospace Valley », which regroups renown research laboratories (LAAS, Laplace, IRIT) and worldwide industry leaders in aeronautics, space and embedded systems (Airbus, Thales, Continental, Astrium, Rockwell Collins..).

The students can benefit from this partnership network in the framework of their project or the search of an internship.

More infos : The most exhaustive information on the master ESECA is available at the following link :

Job opportunities

Over 40% of students go on to PHD studies. R&D for the manufacturing industry in aeronautics, automotive, semiconductors, communications…

Toulouse is the home of the European aeronautics where AIRBUS and the National Center for Space Study (CNES) are the major employer representing the cutting edge of innovation. Toulouse-INP is located at the heart of the « Aerospace Valley » where a complete network of high tech companies (Thales, Safran, Honeywell, Continental) and research labs (LAAS, LAPLACE, IRIT etc..) are present and will propose internships and jobs.




+33 5 34 32 20 20



1st session: 15 january

2nd session: 30 april






are public schools of engineers and members of the N+i network and  Campus France


9000/ year
  • (reduction down to 5473 €/year for academic partners, european and selected students on a merit basis, some developping countries)

How to candidate?

Direct application by e-mail
Download the application form (pdf) and send it by email to:
with all the required documents.

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